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Clive White - Westminster

Ensitech takes TIG Brush to UK Parliament

22 Feb 12
Ensitech takes TIG Brush® to UK Parliament

Ensitech, developer of the TIG Brush® stainless steel weld cleaning system, has held a presentation in the Houses of Parliament, London, to demonstrate the route to a safer future for the welding industry.

Members of Parliament, together with representatives from Institutes, the media and the wider industry attended the event, in the Palace of Westminster.

They saw a demonstration of how the TIG Brush® successfully cleans the discolouration that welding leaves on metal and simultaneously reduces the risk of future corrosion.

Many attendees expressed concern at the ongoing use of a toxic acid compound, known as ‘pickling paste’for weld cleaning when the TIG Brush® presents a viable, safe and environmentally-friendly alternative. Ensitech expects that as a result of its presentation, the issue of safety in the welding industry will be a subject for discussion in the House, focusing on the need for major projects requiring welding to specify the use of the safest possible methods and materials.

Product inventor, Clive White of Ensitech says: “As an Australian company, it was a great privilege to be able to demonstrate our product to UK policy makers. We received tremendously positive feedback and questions from our audience as to why unsafe practices continue in the welding industry when the TIG Brush® is now widely available.”

Ensitech has already made rapid inroads into the EU and European markets with the TIG Brush®. Through its collaborative partnerships with UK businesses, Ensitech is helping drive business growth and safe working practices across the European welding industry.

The event was hosted by Mr Stuart Andrew MP, who attended a UK product launch the company held in Leeds last year. Two of the companies involved with the manufacture and distribution of the TIG Brush®, Vickers Laboratories and Engineering Utilities, are in his Constituency. Members of Parliament attending included those who represent Constituencies or Select Committees involved in manufacturing and engineering.
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