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Clive White at NSW Business Chamber Awards 2012

Ensitech sweeps the board on business awards

10 Dec 12
Ensitech, the welding technology designer and manufacturer that invented the TIG Brush™ and exports to 15 countries, has won four of Australia’s most prestigious business awards.

Inventor and company owner Clive White became accustomed to the winners’ rostrum in November when he collected trophies at the 50th Australian Export Awards, the New South Wales Export Awards, and twice at the New South Wales Business Chamber Awards.

Ensitech received the accolades after developing a complete system and methodology for preparing, cleaning, treating and protecting welded and other metal surfaces. Its TIG Brush™ Weld Cleaning System is now in use in four continents and has significantly improved workplace safety by superseding traditional weld cleaning processes which typically used a highly toxic acid compound.

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