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TIG Brush Service and Upgrade PDF flier

product quality and standards

1 Mar 10

Ensitech launches TIG Brush Refurbishment and Upgrade service

Does your TIG Brush need a tune-up? Ensitech has launched a new Refurbishment and Upgrade Service designed to enhance the performance and speed of older units in line with latest TIG Brush technology and design. Read More >>
31 Jul 09

Green cleaning fluid passes lab tests with flying colours

Ensitech's non-dangerous weld cleaning solution, TB-30ND, has been confirmed to contain hazardous elements at levels well below relevant Australian and European exposure limits. Read More >>
22 May 09

Seeing is believing: TIG Brush at National Manufacturing Week 2009

Newly improved TIG Brush once again impresses stainless steel industry at National Manufacturing Week 2009. Read More >>
30 Apr 09

TIG Brush and TIG welding fume analysis comparison

TIG Brush fumes using TB-25 weld cleaning fluid have been found to be benign in comparison with TIG welding fumes. Read More >>
17 Dec 08

Ensitech wins C-Tick approval for TIG Brush

TIG Brush is awarded C-Tick approval
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