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Ensitech Management Team

The Ensitech management team comprises highly experienced managers from a variety of backgrounds. Meet some of the key people below.

Clive White
Name: Clive White
Title: Managing Director
Function: Product innovation and strategic leadership
Training: Bachelor of Engineering (Elec), MIEA

Clive is part engineer, part visionary. As owner of Ensitech and inventor of the TIG Brush, his electrical engineering expertise and passion for the product are the linchpin of Ensitech’s innovation, research and development. Working closely with experts in other areas, including industrial chemistry, Clive's unique perspective on the development and potential of the TIG Brush has been the driving force behind its rapid success.

A qualified electrical engineer, Clive previously held roles in sales for Motorola and developed software for on-board automotive systems, telecommunications and remuneration systems.

John Perrin
Name: John Perrin
Title: Marketing Director
Function: Strategic market development
Training: Management and technical training in the semiconductor industry

John is the architect of Ensitech’s marketing strategy. He has been responsible for establishing and supporting the national network of TIG Brush distributors, as well as contributing to innovation, new product development and quality improvement.

With a background in electronics engineering, John was previously a Director and VP of Motorola Australia, and has served on several industry and government boards and committees. His experience in export planning and market development is invaluable as Ensitech continues to grow and expand into new markets.

Peter Udry
Name: Peter Udry
Title: Finance Director
Function: Corporate financial management
Training: Qualified accountant

Peter's extensive worldwide experience in financial roles in multinational companies, and his wide network of contacts, provide Ensitech with a significant advantage. Coupled with his very practical and down-to-earth approach, his financial insight ensures that all Ensitech initiatives pass stringent tests of commercial viability.

Susan Howe
Name: Susan Howe
Title: Product Manager
Function: Managing TIG Brush product information and facilitating sales
Training: Business management

Susan is the primary point of contact for customers and distributors in relation to the supply and support of TIG Brush products, and supports the work of field sales and demonstration staff. She is the central source of information on the TIG Brush product range and is able to advise on appropriate product selection to suit customers' specific needs, and provide in-depth technical information on the correct use and maintenance of products in the TIG Brush range.

Susan also coordinates Ensitech's exhibition program, which regularly showcases the latest TIG Brush technology at trade events around the world.

Susan's experience before joining Ensitech included advertising and exhibition sales in the northern hemisphere for one of the world's leading specialist stainless steel industry publishing companies.

Kaaren White
Name: Kaaren White
Title: Export Services Manager
Function: International Market Development and Support
Training: Administrative roles in commercial and government sectors

Kaaren is the and primary point of contact for Ensitech’s export markets on matters relating to product supply and support, working closely with the company's logistics staff to coordinate supply, shipment and compliance with trade and commercial requirements. She is also closely involved in the management of Ensitech's extensive intellectual property in international markets.

Before joining Ensitech her wide-ranging experience included a range of administrative roles in sectors including banking and education.

Paul Morgan
Name: Paul Morgan
Title: Business Services Manager
Function: Production management
Training: Extensive experience in managing industrial manufacturing, sales and maintenance

Paul is responsible for Ensitech's production department and business facilities. He manages component supply contracts and liaises with the company's technical and sales divisions to align the manufacturing program with new product developments and sales in Australia and worldwide. His wide-ranging experience includes operation of his own business providing air quality monitoring solutions.

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